1) When is Valentine's Day celebrated? a) March, 14th b) February, 14th c) February, 24th d) second Sunday of February 2) What do we celebrate on Valentine's Day?   a) Thanksgiving b) Valentine's birthday c) love, friendship and admiration d) beginning of birds’ mating season 3) Valentine's Day is named after a... a) soldier b) saint c) emperor d) god 4) What do lovers send each other on this day? a) teddies b) books c) cards d) messages 5) What is the color of love? a) pink b) white c) red d) purple 6) According to legend which was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love? a) peonies b) orchids c) tulips d) red roses 7) What shape is a symbol of Valentine's Day? a) diamond b) heart c) square d) spiral 8) What does the word "sweetheart" mean? a) a heart made of sweets b) a person you love c) a heart-shaped candy d) a person who loves sweets 9) What other gifts are common on Valentine's Day? a) cakes b) chocolates and sweets c) skittels d) ice creams 10) Who was the Roman God of Love?   a) Cupid b) Hercules c) Venus d) Vesta 11) In the Greek mythology, the God of Love was... a) Pluto b) Zeus c) Aphrodite d) Eros 12) What does Cupid shoot at people? a) flowers b) arrows c) missiles d) spears  13) What part of the body does he aim? a) head b) eye c) hand d) heart 14) What happens when people are hit by Cupid? a) they faint b) they get married c) they fall in love d) go mad 15) Who is the most famous couple from Shakespeare’s plays?   a) Romeo and Juliet b) Hamlet and Ophelia c) Brad and Angelina d) Cupid and Psyche 16) Which city is known also as "the city of love"?  a) New York b) Amsterdam c) Paris d) Rome 17) What animal do you have to kiss to transform it into a prince? a) a dove b) a frog c) a horse d) a parrot 18) Today we associate love with the heart, but this wasn’t always the case. In medieval times, which internal organ was believed to cause love? a) the liver. b) the kidney c) the lung d) the brain 19) Which symbol does New York’s Empire State Building illuminate on every Valentine’s Day?  a) a ball b) a heart c) a teddy d) a dove 20) When did Valentine's Day become commonly observed in the USA? a) In pioneer days b) During World War I c) Around 1900 d) During the Civil War 21) What does XOXO mean? a) nods and crosses b) kicks and kisses c) hugs and kisses d) pros and cons  22) Which country tops the list as the world's foremost chocolate producer? a) the USA b) the UK c) Japan d) China

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