1) You can add ... milk to make it better. a) a little b) many c) any d) a few e) much 2) We have _______ eggs, but these are not enough for the cake. a) a lot of b) much c) a little d) a few e) many 3) Hurry up! You don't have _______ time! a) a little b) much c) a few d) many e) lots 4) There weren't _______ people at the party. a) much b) any c) many d) a little e) a lot 5) _______ did you spend on these shoes? a) How much b) How often c) How many d) How long e) How few 6) There were _______ people at the party. It was very crowded. a) a few b) much c) a lot of d) a little e) any 7) We have _______ food for the guests. a) any b) a few c) many d) a lot of e) plenty 8) I've already celebrated my birthday _______. I am 96!  a) many times b) much time c) a lttle time d) a few times e) lots of 9) She is rich. She has _______ money. a) many b) a lot of c) a little d) a few e) much 10) He is poor. He doesn't have _______ money. a) a few b) some c) much d) many e) a lot

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