1) Does he play football? a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he plays. c) Yes, he play. 2) Can birds fly? a) Yes, they do. b) Yes, they can. c) Yes, it can. 3) How old is her sister? a) Her is 7. b) You are 7. c) She is 7. 4) Are you happy? a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, you aren't. c) Yes, I happy. 5) Is her sister 7? a) No, he isn't. b) Yes, her is. c) Yes, she is. 6) Can your brother cook? a) Yes, he cook. b) Yes, he does. c) No, he can't. 7) Can a dog run? a) No, the can't. b) Yes, it can. c) Yes, they can. 8) How old are you? a) I'm 9. b) You 9. c) Yes, I am. 9) What colour is a tomato? a) It red. b) It's red. c) Yes, it is. 10) What's your sister's name? a) Her name is Ann. b) Yes, she is. c) His name's Ann. 11) Where is your dad from? a) He is from Moscow. b) It's from Moscow. c) Yes, he is. 12) Has your friend got a bike? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, she has. c) No, she doesn't. 13) Does your friend have a bike? a) Yes, she has. b) Yes, she does. c) Yes, I do. 14) Where's the cat? a) It's under the bed. b) It under the bed. c) Yes, it is. 15) Where are the cats? a) They're under the table. b) Yes, they are. c) It's under the table.

Present Simple General/Special questions - Answers

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