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1) to solve a problem by calculation or study a) work out b) turn into c) try on d) take on 2) to suffer (a difficult situation or person) without complaining a) put on b) put off c) own up d) put up with 3) something or someone to change; to become. a) fall out b) turn into c) turn out d) bring up 4) to end; to separate. (of a marriage / a family / a relationship etc.) a) break up b) cut off c) die out d) fall out 5) to quarrel or fight a) fall out b) give up c) go off d) make up 6) to delay doing something until a later date a) go off b) give up c) put off d) let out 7) to take care of someone or something a) look for b) look after c) bring up d) own up 8) to use all of (something) and have no more left. a) work out b) let down c) die out d) run out of 9) to disconnect, interrupt or discontinue something or someone a) cut off b) cut down c) fall out d) get away 10) to recover from (something) an illness / a failure / a difficulty / a shock a) go with b) take off c) get over d) get away 11) to stop a vehicle and let someone get out; to take something (or someone) to a place and leave it there a) fall out b) let out c) give off d) drop off 12) to stop doing or having (something).(of an habitual activity, smoking / drinking / a job a) give up b) go off c) let down d) put off 13) to take care of a child until it is fully grown and able to care for itself a) grow up b) raise up c) bring up d) do up 14) to disappear completely; to become extinct. a) fall out b) die out c) cut down d) put off 15) to start a journey a) take off b) put off c) let out d) set off 16) to do something wrong or illegal without being punished (usually without even being discovered or caught). a) come up with b) get away with c) take off d) find out 17) to assume responsibility for, or control of, (something or a situation) from someone else. a) take over b) take out c) take on d) take up 18) to begin to study, practise, or do (something). a) take on b) try on c) take up d) look up 19) to look or be like an older relative. a) take on b) look on c) look after d) take after 20) to speak angrily to someone who has done something wrong; to find fault with someone a) fall out b) tell off c) take off d) set on 21) to become friends again after a quarrel a) make out b) make up for c) own up d) make up 22) to compensate for. mistake / doing or not doing something a) make up for b) make up c) make on d) own up 23) to draw attention to something or someone. a) find out b) point out c) make out d) put out 24) to disappoint someone (often by breaking a promise or an agreement) a) let go b) fall down c) fall out d) let down 25) to fulfil or perform (something). instructions / a duty / an order / a threat / a test a) carry on b) fill in c) carry out d) find out

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