Scared - Synonym of afraid., Floating - Things were ______ (not sinking) in the canal., Coward - Sam thought Alfie was a _______ (not brave), Rope - “Let’s go down to the _____ swing,” Alfie said., Silly - “Don’t do anything ___ while I’m out,” Mrs. Robertson said., Swing - To move back and forth., Got in trouble - Sam was a naughty boy, so he always __ _ ___ (had problems), Spat - The boys sat by the canal and ___ (past of spit) all the dirty water they had drank., Frightened - Feeling very scared and afraid., Panicked - When Sam fell in the water, Alfie ___ (sudden feeling of fear), Hesitate - To doubt., Smelled - The canal _____ of drains., Bubbles - Balls of air or gas in liquids.,

Trouble vocabulary 4th Grade




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