I want to buy _______ new clothes. _______ there any good shops near here?, Try an area _______ Cihangir. I always ______ shopping there. There ______ lots of nice places., How ______ you get there?, Oh, you ______ walk. It’s ______ very far. , I _____ to go swimming this afternoon. Where’s the best ______ to go?, Well, ______ a pool on this road. Or ______ a beach about thirty minutes from here., A beach _____ good. How do you ______ there?, _____ the train. Trains _____ every fifteen minutes, so …, Are there _____ places to ____ out in the evening here?, Not ____ the village. People go ____ the town. ______ a cinema in the town and there _____ some nice places in the main square., How _____ is a taxi?, ___ _____ a nice café or restaurant near here? I want to _____ some lunch., _____ ____ lots of good places. , How long does it _____? - About ten minutes., I want to _____ some interesting art today. ___ _____ a good place to visit?, Well, ______ a good museum ____ the centre. It’s _____ the station..

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