A: What are you doing now? B: I’m going ____. I need to ____. And you? A: I’m going to ____ a coffee. Do you ____ to come? B: Sorry, I can’t. I don’t have ____ today. A: OK. See you tomorrow. C: What are we doing now? Do you want to get something to ____? D: No. I’m going to ____ here. C: Are you going to your ____ now? D: Yes. I’m ____. I’m going to bed. It’s an early flight tomorrow. C: That’s true. What ____ are we going? D: Five. The flight is at 7.15 and it ____ thirty minutes to the airport. C: Right. Well, I ____ to eat something. D: OK. I’ll meet you here tomorrow morning. C: Five ____? D: That’s ____. See you then. C: Yep. Sleep ____. E: What are you doing now? F: I’m going to meet a ____. Do you want to ____? E: Where are you going? F: Cheers. It’s a ____ in New Street. Do you know ____? E: No. F: It’s ____. E: OK. Great. How do you ____ there? F: Bus. E: OK. Can I go to the ____ first? F: Sure. I’ll meet you ____. E: I need some ____, too. F: Me too. There’s a cash machine ____ the bar.

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