elements - the basic things people used to think made all things, contrast - opposite, preference - the selecting of something another thing over, a relative - a member of the family, ancestors - relatives from long ago, to treasure - to keep or regard as precious, typically - normally; usually, to dictate - to order; to determine, as a means - as a way, to reflect - to show, to influence - to affect, to be named after - to have the same name as, to play a large part - to be a reason for; to organize something, to determine - to control or influence something directly, similarly - alike, a fortune-teller - a person who tells you what they think will happen to you in the future, to include - to contain something as a part of something else, particular - special, or this and not any other, certain - known to be true, correct, exact, or effective, a wanderer - someone who often travels from place to place, especially without any clear aim or purpose:, an explorer - someone who travels to places where no one has ever been in order to find out what is there, to respect - admiration felt or shown for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities, a written character - a mark or sign used in writing or printing,

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