A: Hi., B: Hello, sir. How can I help you?, A: We have a booking. My name’s Kim Jae-Sung., B: OK. Yes. Welcome. Can I have your passport, please?, A: Sure., B: Do you have a car?, A: No., B: OK. Can you write your name and address here? And sign here?, A: OK., B: Here’s your key. Your room number is 351. It’s on the third floor., A: Thanks., B: Do you need help with your bags?, A: Sorry. Can you say that again?, B: Do you need help with your bags? You have a lot of them., A: Oh. No. That’s OK., B: The lift is over there., A: OK. What time is breakfast in the morning?, B: Seven to ten, in the restaurant. It’s fifteen dollars., A: Oh, I didn’t pay?, B: No. Sorry. Your booking is not with breakfast., A: OK. Don’t worry..

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