1) I think ____ is a great winter sport! a) running b) cycling c) skiing 2) Have you ever ___ in a football match? a) taken part b) taken up c) taken to 3) If he scores two more points, he will ____ the other player. a) beat b) win c) take 4) You use the ____ to hit the ball. a) glove b) racket c) mask 5) Dave is good at _____ because he’s very tall. a) judo b) cycling c) basketball 6) The team ____ for three hours every day. a) beats b) wins c) trains 7) Would you like to ____ horse-riding with me at the weekend? a) go b) do c) play 8) There were thousands of ____ watching the match. a) spectators b) teammates c) players 9) If my parents bought me a new bike, I would go ____ at the weekend. a) cycling b) running c) swimming 10) You’ll get ___ if you take up a new sport. a) fat b) fit c) lost 11) How do you ___ points in this game? a) point b) mark c) score 12) He played four matches against four different players and ____ them all! a) beat b) win c) train 13) The children often go ____ on their grandparents’ farm. a) skiing b) horse-riding c) running 14) We’ve played a lot of games this summer, but the ___ is on Saturday. a) final b) training c) score 15) We’ve got to ___ hard before the big match. a) beat b) train c) play



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