1) Rhinos.... a) aren't furry. b) is furry. c) are colourful. 2) A parrot... a) is on the tree. b) are on the tree. c) is next to the lake. 3) Monkeys a) are dangerous. b) is noisy. c) are noisy. 4) A snake has got... (Una serp té...) a) legs and two eyes. b) scales and two eyes. c) arms and a mouth. 5) Flamingos have got... a) scales and two legs. b) long legs. c) short legs. 6) Where are the monkeys? They are... a) between the monkeys and the penguins. b) between the parrots and the penguins. c) next to the rocks. 7) A crocodile... a) isn't dangerous. b) are dangerous. c) is dangerous. 8) Parrots... a) have got wings and they are colourful. b) are colourful and have got legs. c) haven't got feathers and they are dangerous. 9) Where is the crocodile? The crocodile is.. a) between the gorilla and the rhino. b) next to the gorilla. c) near the parrots. 10) Are penguins noisy? a) Yes, they are. b) No, it isn't. c) No, they aren't. 11) Gorillas... a) is dangerous. b) are furry. c) are small. 12) Are snakes dangerous? a) Yes, it is. b) No, they aren't. c) Yes, they are. 13) Describe an animal. (All together) a) It is... b) It has got...

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