1) I ________ on my games console with my friends yesterday. a) play b) played c) plaied 2) She ________ on her games console with her friends on weekends. a) plays b) played c) plaies 3) I ________ a film yesterday. a) watch b) watched 4) I ________ films every week. a) watch b) watched 5) I ________ my mum yesterday. a) text b) texted 6) I ________ my friends every day. a) text b) texted 7) She ________ to music on her smartphone in the evening. a) listens b) listened 8) She ________ to music on her smartphone yesterday evening. a) listens b) listened 9) She ________ for a test yesterday. a) studyed b) studied c) studies 10) She ________ Maths four days a week. a) studies b) studied c) studyes 11) He ________ his headphones in the library yesterday. a) uses b) used 12) She ________ her headphones every day. a) uses b) used 13) She ________ the dog in the park yesterday afternoon. a) walks b) walked 14) He ________ the dog in the morning. a) walks b) walked

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