Do you like playing basketball?, We play basketball every Friday., She's a good basketball player., I'm going to a concert on Saturday., I've got tickets for a pop concert., Pizza is a typical Italian dish., She's wearing a long blue dress., When do your exams start?, Which is your favourite restaurant in Paris?, Who's your favourite singer?, My favourite colour is green., Jaguar is her favourite sort of car., I like lots of singers, but Ed Sheeran is my favourite., You can get half-price tickets before the end of May., Spaghetti is an Italian dish., Her husband is Italian. She has an Italian passport., He usually wears black trousers and a grey jacket., Do you like my jacket?, Take your jacket off., Watling Street is a very long road., Our garden is not very wide but it's very long., Do you read any fashion magazines?, The magazine comes out every Thursday., She's the best player in the team., The players are about to start the match., There are eleven players in a football team., I need to buy my husband a birthday present., It is a very generous present., She always gets a lot of Christmas presents., Are you going to open your present?, They sell children's clothes in that shop., Do you sell olive oil?, Please sing us a song., She sings beautifully., I can't sing very well., I can remember all the words to that song., Do you like doing sports?, I usually watch sport on TV., He reads the children a story every evening., My son is very good at making up stories., He's captain of the school basketball team., Who's your favourite football team?, Children have so many toys these days., The children are playing with their toys., You can try on the jeans in the changing room., I always try on clothes before I buy them., I don't buy shoes on the internet because I can't try them on first., Can I try on the next size?,

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