A: What are ____ reading? B: A book ____ The Lake. Do you ____ it? A: No. Is ____ good? B: Yes, it’s OK. Are you reading ____ at the moment? A: No, I’m very busy. I don’t ____ time. Do you read a lot? B: Maybe one book a ____. A: I think ____ a lot! C: What ____ you listening to? D: A French ____ called Superbus. Do you know ____? C: No. Are they good? D: Yes. They’re ____. I love them. Do you listen to ____ a lot? C: Yes. D: What ____ you like? C: Lots of ____ things. Pop, Mozart… And you? What do ____ like? D: I listen ____ a lot of Brazilian music. E: What are you watching? F: Just a ____ on YouTube. E: Is it good? F: Not ____. E: What ____ do you watch? F: Films, series. Lots of ____. And you? E: I ____ watch a lot. G: What are you doing? H: I’m ____ something for work. G: Do you work at ____ a lot? H: Not really. But I ____ an important ____ tomorrow.

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