1) Quais são as cores da bandeira de Portugal? a) vermelho e verde b) vermelho e amarelo c) azul e vermelho 2) Onde fica o Cristo Redentor? a) São Paulo b) Rio de Janeiro c) Manaos 3) What is the typical food in the UK? a) Hamburgers b) Chicken fingers c) Fish and chips 4) What makes up the United Kingdom (UK)? a) England and Scotland b) England, Scotland and Wales c) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland 5) Qual é a moeda do Brasil? a) Real b) Euro c) Dólar 6) Onde fica a cidade de Luanda? a) Angola b) Brasil c) Portugal 7) Where is St Basil’s cathedral located? a) St. Petersburg b) London c) Moscow 8) What is the popular name of “Aurora Boralis”? a) Northern lights b) Swedish lights  c) Southern lights 9) Who won the Champions League in 2020? a) Paris Saint Germain b) Bayern Munchen c) Barcelona FC 10) Qual é a festividade mais famosa no Brasil? a) Natal b) Carnaval c) época da Páscoa 11) Which of these is NOT a way in which HIV is transmitted? a) kissing b) blood trunsfusion c) sharing needles 12) Which of these films DOESN’T feature Tom Hanks? a) The Iron Lady b) The Da Vinci Code c) Apollo 13 13) Where did Queen Victoria live? a) France b) Scotland c) England 14) What is the currency of the UK? a) Euro b) Dollar c) Pound 15) Quais são as cores da bandeira de Brasil? a) Verde, amarelo e azul b) Azul, vermelho e amarelo c) Amarelo, verde e vermelho 16) In which of these cities have dolphins been seen during the lockdown? a) Oslo b) Venice c) Vancouver 17) Which is the concept that refers to discrimination based on a person’s gender? a) Sexism b) Racism c) Classism 18) Slavery, the caste system and the social class system are examples of…? a) Systems of classism b) Systems of stratification c) Systems of hierarchy 19) Which comedian hosts one of the most successful TV shows in the USA and is the voice of Dory in “Finding Nemo”? a) Oprah b) Kim Kardashian c) Ellen De Generes 20) What is applied when a norm is broken? a) A mark b) A sanction c) A qualification

II General Knowledge 1st - 2nd Year



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