1) How was Daniela? a) She was brave and naughty. b) She was boring and loud. c) She was shy and scared. 2) Why did Daniela have to stay inside? a) Because it was too hot. b) Because her parents were angry with her. c) Because it rained hard for 3 days. 3) Where was Daniela's town? a) At the top of a mountain. b) In a valley. c) By the sea. 4) How did Daniela feel when she discovered the dinosaur footprints? a) She felt scared. b) She felt excited. c) She felt sad. 5) What did Sam do when Daniela told him about the footprints? a) He laughed at her. b) He was worried about it. c) He decided to look for the footprints. 6) Mario said that there were lots of dinosaur fossils in that part of ... a) Colombia. b) Canada. c) Mexico. 7) What were the workers outside the cabin doing? a) They were fighting. b) They were arguing. c) They were laughing. 8) How was Daniela feeling when they couldn't see the footprints? a) Shocked. b) Excited. c) Furious. 9) Why was Daniela's father angry ? a) Because Daniela lost his binoculars. b) Because the forest and the animals were going to disappear. c) Because it was going to rain again. 10) Who climbed the mountain again with Daniela? a) Mario. b) Nobody. c) Her brother. 11) Why did the workers cover the footprints? a) Because they wanted to finish the road quickly. b) Because they were afraid of dinosaurs. c) Because they didn't care about the footprints.

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