1) The first people that thought of the Earth as a Sphere were... a) Newton. b) Hubble c) Magellan and Elcano  d) Greek Philosophers Aristotle and Plato. 2) This astronomer proved that the Earth orbits the Sun. He also invented the telescope. a) Magellan and Elcano b) Newton c) Galileo Galilei d) Copernicus 3) These men circumnavigated the Earth and proved that it is round. a) Magellan and Elcano b) Galileo Galilei c) Captain Nemo d) Hubble e) Newton f) Copernicus 4) The movement that results in day and night is called... a) Revolution b) Rotation. c) Tides. d) Equinox e) Solstice 5) It takes the Earth...... to orbit the Sun. a) Ten years. b) 24 hours. c) 28 days. d) 365 days and 6 hours. e) 10 months. 6) Tides are caused by. a) The gravitational pull of the Moon. b) The rises and falls of water.  c) Global warming. d) The Sun.

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