1) Are there any jobs you could never do? Why? 2) Do you think phone job interviews are good? Why?/Why not? 3) Is voluntary work common in your country? Why?/Why not? 4) Do you agree that housewives play an important role in building the nation? Why?/Why not? 5) Do you buy things online? Why?/Why not? 6) Do you think online shopping is bad for local shops? Why?/Why not? 7) What different ways of travelling are there where you live? 8) What’s the most important meal of the day for you – breakfast, lunch or dinner? Why? 9) Do you eat any snacks between meals? Why?/Why not? 10) What advice would you give to someone who can’t sleep? 11) Which places in your own country are worth recommending? Why? 12) Do you think young people can learn things from elderly members of their family? Why?/Why not? 13) Would you prefer to live in a big family or a small family? Why? 14) Do parents nowadays spend enough time with their children? Why?/Why not? 15) Do you think people can only really fall in love once in their lives? Why?/Why not? 16) Do you think it’s better to raise a family in a village or in a city? Why? 17) What food is your country famous for? 18) Which is better - eating at a restaurant or at home? Why? 19) Do you agree that environmental degradation is all our fault? Why?/Why not? 20) Are zoos a good or a bad idea? Why? 21) Do you think it’s right to let animals work for humans? Why?/Why not? 22) Do you ever get jealous of other people? Why?/Why not? 23) Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Why?/Why not? 24) Do you get on well with your neighbours? Why?/Why not? 25) Do you think the city or the countryside is a better place for a teenager to grow up in? Why?/Why not? 26) What would your ideal home be like? 27) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why? 28) Do you enjoy doing sports? Why?/Why not? 29) Would you prefer to play indoor or outdoor sports? Why? 30) Do you agree that a ‘healthy body means a healthy mind’? Why?/Why not? 31) Do you think it’s important to do sports? Why?/Why not? 32) Is travelling a waste of time? Why?/Why not? 33) Do you enjoy using technological gadgets? Why?/Why not? 34) Do you think people would be able to survive without gadgets? Why?/ Why not? 35) If you could own only one gadget, which one would it be? Why? 36) Do you think that space exploration is important? Why?/Why not? 37) What do you think makes a good song? 38) Do you like soap operas? Why?/ Why not? 39) Do you prefer to study on your own or with your friends? Why? 40) What is your favourite school subject? Why? 41) Do you think education is important? Why?/Why not? 42) What do you think about cheating in exams? 43) Should parents give their children pocket money? Why?/Why not? 44) Are computer games useful or harmful to children or teens? Why?/Why not? 45) Are TV commercials useful or useless? Why? 46) Do you think people spend too much money on cosmetics? Why?/Why not? 47) Do you think there should be more PE classes at school? Why?/Why not? 48) What family celebration do you find the most interesting? Why? 49) What are the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad? 50) How would you define a perfect friend? 51) How would you define an ideal life? 52) Are you for or against smoking in public places? 53) Which is better: wearing casual clothes or formal clothes? Why? 54) Are you for or against school uniforms? 55) How would you define a perfect employee? 56) Which is better: renting a flat or living in a detached house?

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