1) John is a doctor. He likes _______ job. a) his b) her c) my 2) Ciro’s is a shop. _______ doors are open 24/7. a) his b) their c) its 3) Leah is Irish. _______ husband is French. a) her b) his c) their 4) Radika’s sons are very different. __________ names are Pranav and Padam. a) our b) their c) her 5) Where is _______ sister? a) your b) its c) her 6) ‘I’m very happy in __________ job,’ says Andy. a) his b) my c) your 7) Rob is a kind man. _______ wife is a teacher. a) his b) her c) your 8) My wife and I have a restaurant. We have two children. _________ son is the manager. a) Her b) My c) Our 9) Mary is a great cook. _______ food is great. a) Her b) your c) its 10) Li is a nice man. _______ son is an actor. a) his b) their c) my 11) We really love our dog. _______ name is Nelson. a) our b) its c) her 12) Where are _______ friends? a) my b) our c) your

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