Describe your classmate physical and personality ., How often do you go to the dentist ?, How often does your best friend come to your house ?, What are you doing this weekend? , How often do you go to the park ? , What habits do you have to be healthy ? , What are your family going to do this summer ?, What would you like to eat for dinner ? , Your classmate has fever . What should he/she do?, Tell me about a healthy diet  , Why people go to the doctor? , Your classmate has stomachache . What should he/ she do ?, Why some animal are endangered ? , What can we do to protect endangerd animals ? , Work with your classmate . Tell the differences between life many years ago and now , What is your special day ? Why is it special ? , What are you hobbies ?, What is your classmate good at ? , What are you good at ? , Who is the oldest person in your family ?, Who is the funniest in your family ?, Compare you with your classmate . Use comparatives and superlatives adjective .




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