He_____________ to work every day. (Present simple), They________________  for the bus. (Present continuous), We __________________ (already/ be) in China twice this year. , Sam _________________ to a party last weekend. , George _______________________ online games yesterday afternoon.  (Past continuous), I _______________ a new jacket with the money I've been saving. (100% sure) (future), We ___________________ (visit) our grandma next week. (future), He ___________________ once a month.  (Present Simple), She ____________________ with her friends. (Present Continuous), He _____________________ (just- finish) his homework. , Where/ go /you/ last Monday?, She __________________________ (help) the house when the phone rang. , I _________________ (probably/ meet) Jack at the party. (Future), We__________________ (go) to a concert hall on Friday at 10 0'clock.  (Future),



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