1) Someone who feels uncomfortable with other people is... a) Easy-going b) Shy c) Sensitive 2) Complete this zero conditional sentence: If we ______(visit) our grandmother, we always_______ (take) the train. a) visit /take b) visited/ took c) visit/ will take 3) Complete this first conditional sentence: If you _________ (break) a mirror, you _______ (have) bad luck for 7 years! a) breaks/ will have b) broke/ will have c) break /will have 4) Describe her: a) She's got short, straight hair, she's ugly. b) She's got big, round eyes, short curly hair, she's pretty. c) She's got long, wavy hair, she's beautiful. 5) Choose the question tag: Your dad is bald,_____________? a) isn't he? b) is he? c) doesn't he? 6) A _____________________________is a game where people answer questions to win prizes. a) Chat show b) Quiz show c) Soap opera 7) _____________ is a programme that reports recent events and things happening now. a) The news b) A documentary c) A chat show 8) Choose: Those are the girls ___________ became my new friends. a) which b) that c) whose 9) We use 'defining relative clauses' to... a) give information about the person we are talking about b) give information about the thing we are talking about c) give information about the place we are talking about d) all are correct 10) We use that with... a) People b) Things c) Both are correct 11) Choose: I wanted _________ to Japan, but my family didn't agree with me. a) travelling b) travel c) to travel d) to travelling 12) My mother agreed _______________ me a PS5! a) buying b) to buy c) to buying d) buy 13) _______ a plane. a) Catch b) get into c) ride d) get oout of 14) Did Paul really ___________ his motorbike all around Europe? a) drive b) catch c) ride d) get on 15) What is this? a) Timetable b) The check-in c) The ticket office 16) The _____________ for a scene is a real place where they shoot it. a) Script b) Location c) Set 17) The _______________ is the person that does all the dangerous things in a film. a) Stunt person b) Camera operator c) Extra 18) Turn this sentence into the passive: "People drive cars on the left side of the road in Britain" a) British people are driven their cars on the left side of the road" b) Cars are driven on the left side of the road in Britain c) Cars are drive on the left side on the road in Britain 19) Complete with the present passive: Dinner ___________ at 8 pm. a) is served b) is serving c) does serve d) are served 20) This is made of... a) Rubber b) Leather c) Wood d) Cotton 21) This is... a) Rubber b) Cardboard c) Glass d) Wood 22) The first car __________________ by Karl Benz. a) were invented b) is invented c) was invented d) was invent 23) Turn into the past simple passive: My sisters ate all the cookies! a) All the cookies were eaten by my sisters. b) My sisters were eaten by the cookies. c) All the cookies are eaten by my sisters.



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