1) Where do you live? 2) Do you go to school by bus? 3) What do you do in your free time? 4) Does your friend play any sport? 5) Is Sweet Sue a detective? 6) What are you doing now? 7) Are you cooking? 8) What is your dad doing? 9) When were you born? 10) What time do you get up? 11) Do you live in the city centre? 12) What do you usually do after school? 13) Where were you yesterday evening? 14) Were you at school yesterday? 15) Did you have a lot of homework last week? 16) Did you go on holidays this year? 17) What did you do yesterday evening? 18) Have you ever been to a music festival? 19) Have you got siblings? 20) How many cousins have you got? 21) Do you like swimming? 22) Where will you be in twenty years’ time? 23) What are you going to study when you leave school? 24) Have you ever been to London? 25) Have you ever driven a go-kart? 26) Have you ever won a prize/competition? 27) What are you going to do next summer? What are you going to do next summer?   28) What are good/bad points about Quarantine?

Final exam questions 1st Year



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