1) What are coping skills?  a) Positive tools we use to deal with anger or stress b) Ways to act out when we are upset c) Ways to deal with happy, positive feelings  d) Feeling good about yourself 2) When should we use coping skills?  a) Only when we feel like it  b) On Thursdays only  c) When we are frustrated, angry, hurt, or upset 3) What would an example of a positive coping skill be? a) Walking out of the room unexpectedly b) Yelling at a staff member c) Asking for a break or to take a walk when you feel frustrated  4) Is it okay to get angry? a) Never b) Yes c) Only once a week 5) True or False - It is okay to get angry as long as you deal with it in a healthy way? a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) Another example of a POSITIVE coping skill would be:  a) Taking a deep breath and counting to ten b) Asking to talk to a staff member c) Getting a drink of water d) All of the above 7) Choose the best answer - If someone is making fun of you, you should:  a) Stand up for yourself and tell them to stop b) Avoid coming to school  c) Yell at them  d) Talk about them to others behind their back 8) You hear from someone that one of your friends said something bad about you. You:  a) Find them in the hall at school and hit them b) Talk to them face to face to see what the truth is c) Stop talking to them completely  d) Start spreading rumors about them 9) True or False - When you are anxious or nervous, taking a walk is a good way to deal with it? a) True b) False 10) Which of these is a great way to calm your anger?  a) Going for a walk b) Listening to music  c) Hurting yourself  d) Answers A and B only 11) True or False - Using a fidget it a good way to relieve stress? a) True b) False 12) Which of these is a bad way to deal with negative emotions?  a) Asking calmly to take a walk when you are upset b) Asking to speak with your school counselor c) Swearing, spitting, or punching a wall  d) Working out 13) Is holding on to feelings of frustration or anger healthy? a) Always b) Most of the it's okay  c) I don't know  d) No 14) Which of these is an example of respectful behavior? a) Talking over the teacher  b) Following the rules even when you think they are stupid  c) Lying to get out of trouble  15) True or False - Using positive coping skills is an example of respecting yourself and your peers? a) True b) False



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