1) Christine lives on a small _____ a) cave b) island c) rock d) cliff 2) Ryan's dad has a big ______ .  a) ship b) island c) farm d) puffin 3) Next morning Ryan ________ on Christine's door. a) knocks b) jumps c) runs d) climbs 4) Ryan wants to ______ treasure hunting.  a) find b) go c) look for d) play 5) They go to the beach to _________ shells and other beautiful things. a) look for b) look c) play with d) hide 6) They find a bird in a _______ .  a) boat b) tree c) net d) house 7) The bird is black and white, with orange legs and it has an orange and black _______. a) wing b) mouth c) nose d) bill 8) Puffins _________ for fish in the water. a) hunt b) catch c) eat d) find 9) Children put the puffin in the box and _____ it. a) eat b) play with c) feed d) close 10) One morning the puffin _______ away. a) swims b) runs c) flies 11) A year later the children see three puffins on a ______ .  a) rock b) boat c) roof d) cliff

SM3 U5 Story What Christine found


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