1) Is this Amy's pencil? Yes, it's ______ a) her b) mine c) hers 2) Whose bike is this? It's _____ a) my b) mine c) our 3) This isn't Tom's hoodie. ______ hoodie is blue. a) her b) their c) his 4) Is this Anna and Ed's house? No, it isn't ______ a) yours b) theirs c) their 5) This coat isn't ______ . Is it _______? a) mine, yours b) mine, your c) mines, yours 6) These aren't ______ books. They are Tony's. a) your b) yours c) you 7) Are these Mike's trainers? Yes, they are _______ .  a) he b) theirs c) his 8) Whose headphones are there on the table? They're ______ a) mine b) their c) our 9) I really like this picture. Is it ____ or Ben's? a) yours b) you c) her 10) Is that ______ car? No, it isn't ________ . a) yours, my b) your, mine c) yours, mine




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