1) If you are tired, you __________ have a sleep. a) mustn't b) should c) don't have to 2) My sister is 18 now, so she _______ pay the full price for the ticket. a) has to b) mustn't c) ought to 3) There is a bus service, so we _______________ drive to the airport. a) shouldn't b) don't have to c) must 4) Your cousin lives in Paris, so you _________ visit him while you're there. a) ought to b) don't have to c) mustn't 5) Weigh your suitcase, it_______________ weigh more than 15 kilos to go by Rynair. a) should b) ought to c) mustn't 6) You ________ worry about anything. Everything will be ok. a) mustn't b) should c) have to 7) You _________ drink plenty of water when you're out in the sun. a) should b) don't have to c) ought not to 8) He ____________ tidy his room. There is a big mess. a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) has to


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