hospital - "Hello. I'm Doctor Langton. How is your arm today?", library - "Excuse me. I'm looking for a book about the rainforest.", train station - "The 9.35 from London to York is arriving at platform four.", police station - "I need to report a crime.", hotel - "Can I have a room for three nights, please?", post office - "I need to send this letter to Canada, by air.", zoo - "Excuse me. Where are the lions and tigers?", museum - "Look at that Greek plate. It's 3,000 years old!", bank - "I'd like to change some money into euros, please.", cinema - "Be quiet! The film is starting!", park - "Let's play football, then have a picnic.", shopping centre - "You can stay here in the cafe. I need to go to the clothes shop and then the bookshop.",

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