gig - a performance of pop or rock music, acting - the job of performing in plays and films, crowd - a large group of people who are together in one place, lighting - the light created by electrical equipment, candles, etc, live - here and now, lyrics - the words of a song, performance - acting, singing, dancing, or playing music to entertain people, plot - the things that happen in a story, record - to write down information or store it on a computer so that it can be used in the future, role - the job someone or something has in a particular situation; a part in a play or film, scene - a short part of a film, play, or book in which the events happen in one place, soundtrack - the music used in a film, stage - the raised area in a theatre where actors perform, to star - if someone stars in a film, play, etc, they are the main person in it., track - one song or piece of music on a CD, record, etc, download - move the information from the Internet to your computer, stream - watch or listen to something from the Internet without needing to put it in your computer, live streams - images or sounds that you can see and hear on your computer at the same time they are happening, mobile device - a phone, a tablet or other small computer that you can hold in your hand, purchase - buy/pay money for, file-sharing files - places on the Net where they distribute digitally stored information, peer-to-peer - going from one person's computer to another without any central controller, transfer - move music, information or images from one object or place to another,

Gateway B2 Unit 7 Music and film, Media habits


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