Present Simple: Does he often go swimming?, He goes swimming once a week., He doesn't go swimming on weekdays., They don't go swimming on Sundays., How often do they go swimming?, Past Simple: He went swimming last week., He didn't go swimming yesterday., What did he do last Saturday?, Who went swimming last week?, When did he last go swimming?, Present Perfect: He has just gone swimming., Has he ever swum in a mountain lake?, He hasn't gone swimming since last weekend., They have never swum in an ocean., He has swum in the Baltic Sea recently., Future Simple: He will go swimming next weekend., He won't go swimming with Andy., Will they go swimming with Andy?, When will they go swimming?, Who will go swimming with Andy?, Present Continuous: They're swimming now., He isn't swimming at the moment., Are they swimming or sunbathing?, What is he doing right now?, Who is swimming with him?, Past Continuous: He was swimming and I was sunbathing., Was he swimming when you saw him?, He wasn't swimming at 4 p.m. yesterday., It started to rain while they were swimming.,




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