1) People are getting ... the train now. a) on b) to c) up d) back e) lost 2) We are getting ... early tomorrow to take the first bus. a) on b) up c) to d) lost e) back 3) How are you getting ... the airport in the morning? a) up b) on c) lost d) back e) to 4) I'm taking a map with us because I don’t want to get ... . a) up b) on c) to d) back e) lost 5) Jack usually gets ... home around 6 o'clock. a) on b) lost c) up d) back e) to 6) Tom and Lucas are getting ... a bus now. a) to b) up c) on d) lost e) back 7) When are you getting ... from Edinburgh? a) back b) lost c) on d) up e) to 8) How do you usually get ... school? a) on b) lost c) back d) to e) up

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