1) I ... the flat since 2 o'clock. a) have been doing b) have done 2) How long ... each other? a) have you known b) have you been knowing 3) I ... these shoes yet. a) haven't worn b) have not been wearing 4) Mary ... the office since morning but she ... to get through a) has phoned/hasn't been managing b) has been phoning/hasn't managed 5) I ... Mr. Black only once, I don't know what kind of person he is. a) have met b) have been meeting 6) John ... the house for 15 years. a) has owned b) has been owning 7) This factory ... the air for 12 years. a) has polluted b) has been polluting 8) Mark is a vet, he ... animals for years. a) has saved b) has been saving 9) Mike is not interested in foreign languages. He ... to do it. a) has never even tried b) has never even been trying 10) Your mouth is dirty. ... chocolate? a) Have you eaten b) Have you been eating 11) A number of students ... for you in the hall for an hour already. a) have waited b) have been waiting 12) They ... in this city all their lives and they are not going to leave. a) have lived b) have been living

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