1) I love those shoes you're ... . a) wearing b) carrying 2) Have you ever ... a prize? a) won b) earned 3) They ... at a party last year. a) met b) knew 4) Can you help me, or are you ... at the news on TV? a) watching b) looking 5) She ... her mother. They have the same eyes. a) looks b) looks like 6) Did you ... me anything back from New York? a) bring b) take 7) Alba's ... , a new job which starts next week. a) looked for b) found 8) Are people from your country good at ... jokes? a) saying b) telling 9) We got to the airport late, so we ... the plane. a) missed b) lost 10) Would you ... money to a good friend? a) lend b) borrow 11) I ... that I pass my end-of-year exams. a) hope b) wait 12) She's we... a really heavy bag. a) wearing b) carrying 13) I've ... my best friend for ten years. a) known b) met 14) Do you like ... photos of yourself? a) watching b) looking at 15) How much money do you ... a month? a) win b) earn 16) You ... really sad. What's wrong? a) look b) look like 17) If you need the answer, you can ... it on the internet. a) look for b) find 18) She ... that she was sorry. a) said b) told 19) We had to ... money from the bank to buy a car. a) lend b) borrow 20) Do you mind ... for a few minutes? a) hoping b) waiting

English File 3rd edition Pre-Intermediate Unit 8B (confusing verbs)


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