agree (v) - to have the same opinion or belief as another person, alcohol (n) - a type of drink that can make people drunk, arrive (v) - to get somewhere, August (n) - the eighth month of the year, boat (n) - a vehicle that moves across water, breakfast (n) - the morning meal, camera (n) - a piece of equipment that takes pictures, capital (n) - a city where a country’s government is based, catch (v) - to grab or get something, duck (n) - a small water bird, enjoy (v) - to like something, invite (v) - to ask someone to come to a place or event, love (v) - to like something or someone a lot, month (n) - one of 12 periods of time in one year, travel (v) - to go to a faraway place on vacation or business, typical (adj) - it is normal, or something that usually happens, visit (v) - to go and spend time in another place or see another person, weather (n) - the temperature and the state of the outdoors, week (n) - a period of time that is seven days long, wine (n) - an alcoholic drink made from grapes,




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