1) I (nigdy) get up early on Saturday. a) always b) never c) often 2) My mum often (idzie do łóżka) late. a) has a shower b) has breakfast c) goes to bed 3) I (biorę) a shower every day. a) have b) has c) haves 4) I have (lekcje tenisa) on Fridays and Sundays. a) football lessons b) volleyball lessons c) tennis lessons d) English lessons 5) I always (spotykam się z) my friends after school. a) hang out with b) go to bed c) get up d) listen to music 6) Mary (często) does her homework on Saturday. a) sometimes b) always c) never d) often 7) Patrycja and I (jemy lunch) at home. a) has lunch b) have breakfast c) have lunch 8) I always (sprzątam) my room in the morning. a) tidy b) wash c) play d) cook 9) We sometimes (nie gotujemy) lunch and got to the restaurant. a) don't cooks b) don't cook c) cook 10) I often eat (obiadokolację) at home. a) breakfast b) lunch c) dinner 11) I like (oglądanie telewizji) on Sundays. a) cooking b) listening to music c) reading books d) watching TV 12) Igor is (zazwyczaj) happy. a) always b) usually c) never d) often 13) I always (jadę na rowerze) to school. a) ride my bike b) ride my horse c) ride my skateboard d) ride my scooter 14) *I always have English lessons on.. a) Mondays and Fridays b) Mondays and Wednesdays c) Tuesdays and Wednesdays 15) Pat (nigdy nie jest) late for school. a) is sometimes b) isn't always c) is never




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