1) We are going to arrive late to the cinema. There is ___ traffic. a) too much b) too many c) a little d) a few 2) The documentary has ___ ideas about how to earn money on line. a) a few b) a little c) much d) any 3) I can't go out tonight. I want to save _____ money for a new mobile phone. a) some b) few c) many 4) There are___ students from my school in this show. a) much b) a little c) lots of 5) The doctor in films says we should drink _______ water during the day, especially in summer. a) any b) many c) a lot of d) little 6) The hero of the film hasn't got ___ real friends. I think he should be more sociable and friendly. a) much b) many c) a little 7) I want to go to the festival! They told me there are just ___ tickets left. I have to buy them now! a) many b) a few c) a little 8) I can't make pancakes. I don't have_____ flour. a) many b) any c) a few 9) I have watched this 3D film___ times. I really really love it! a) much b) a lot of c) little 10) When you make scrambled eggs, you must put ___ salt in it. a) a little b) a few c) many 11) How ____ tomatoes did you buy? Only five. a) much b) many c) lots of d) a few 12) How ___ oil should I use for this dish? About 3 spoons will be OK. a) much b) a few c) a lot of d) many


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