1. What was the score?, 2. How did Sophie kick the ball?, 3. Was Sophie the best or the worst player in the team?, 4. What did Sophie's friends shout?, 5. What problem did Sophie have after the game?, 6. When did Sophie go to hospital?, 7. Who did Sophie go to hospital with?, 8. Was the doctor angry?, 9. What did the doctor do when she looked at Sophie's leg?, 10. What did they have to do with Sophie's knee?, 11. What did Sophie want to do the next day?, 12. Who helped Sophie onto the X-ray machine?, 13. Why was Sophie a little scared?, 14. How long did the X-ray take?, 15. What did  the doctor do after the X-ray?, 16. Could Sophie go home after the X-ray?, 17. How long did she have to stay in hospital?, 18. Why was Sophie unhappy?, 19. How were the first two days in hospital?, 20. What did the doctor give Sophie on the third day?, 21. What did Sophie watch with her binoculars?, 22. Where was the wood?, 23. What did Sophie see the in the wood?, 24. How was Sophie when she saw the fire?, 25. Why did she get her mobile phone?, 26. Who was in Sophie's room in the evening?, 27. What did the reporters do?, 28. What did the doctor give Sophie the next morning?, 29. What was there on the first page of the newspaper?, 30. Why did Sophie smile at the end of the story?.

Super Minds 3 Story SB pp.88-89


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