1) wake up (every day) 2) have a bath (now) 3) brush teeth (every day) 4) have breakfast (every day) 5) play a computer game (every day) 6) tie shoes (now) 7) go to school (every day) 8) sweep the floor (now) 9) watch tv (now) 10) talk on the phone (now) 11) make a bed (now) 12) wipe the floor (now) 13) wash the dishes (every day) 14) listen to music (every day) 15) play the guitar (now) 16) cook (now) 17) play volleyball (now) 18) do laundry (now) 19) play with friends (every day) 20) make crafts (now) 21) sing  (every day) 22) meet friends (now) 23) walk a dog (now) 24) take ballet lessons (now) 25) play on the playground (every day) 26) play table tennis (every day) 27) build a snowman (now) 28) take a shower (every day) 29) sleep (every day) 30) do exercises (every day)

Present Simple/Present continuous




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