Sally couldn’t find her cat, Martha. She 1 ____ for Martha everywhere: in the bedroom, in the living room and in the 2 ____. “Isn’t Martha in your room?” Sally’s mother asked her. “No, Martha’s not 3 ____.” Sally said. “Well, you have to be patient, Sally. Martha will 4 ____ home soon.” “But it’s three days now,” said Sally and walked to the living room. Her father was 5 ____ to the fireplace. “Sally,” he said. “Can you bring my glasses from the garden?” Sally walked to the garden. She 6 ____ so sad. She opened the big door. Then she stopped. What was that 7 ____? Was it a mouse? Sally looked. There in a box was Martha, and next to her there were three small kittens. Sally 8 ____ back to her father, “Come and see, Daddy, Martha’s 9 ____ three babies.” What a wonderful 10 ____ it was for everyone – especially for Sally!




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