1) In the past, St. Petesburg ... from floods. a) destroyed b) suffered c) damaged d) caused 2) Global warming ... coral reefs. a) affects b) clears c) causes d) injures 3) Clearing away the rubble was the first ... a) wage b) rescue c) challenge d) cause 4) The conditions in the camp were ... a) awful b) homeless c) damaged d) challenged 5) Hot summers cause ... in many areas. a) earthquakes b) floods c) droughts d) tsunamis 6) The hurricane has left many people ... a) damaged b) homeless c) rescued d) volunteer 7) Earthquakes often ... tsunamis as the sea bottom moves. a) affect b) suffer c) destroy d) cause 8) The ... blew many cars and even homes away into the sea. a) earthquake b) drought c) tsunami d) hurricane 9) After the earthquake there was ... in the streets.  a) rubble b) challenge c) running water d) awful conditions 10) Volunteer teams arrived to ... the rubble. a) destroy b) affect c) pull out d) clear

Starlight Vocab. p81


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