1) What are these? ____ cats. a) They're b) It's 2) What's this? ___ a guinea pig. a) They're b) It's 3) What are these? ____ snakes. a) They're b) It's 4) What's this? ___ a mouse. a) They're b) It's 5) It's ___ . a) big b) small 6) It's got a ___ tail. a) long b) short 7) It's got ___ . a) feathers b) fur 8) It's ___ . a) big b) small 9) It's got a ___ . a) tail b) teeth 10) It's got a ___ . a) shell b) wings 11) The tortoise is under the table.  a) yes b) no 12) The mouse is small. a) yes b) no 13) The parrot is red and blue. a) yes b) no 14) The snake is long. a) yes b) no 15) The dog is big. a) yes b) no 16) six a) mice b) tortoises 17) three a) dogs b) rabbits 18) nine a) mice b) fish 19) two a) snakes b) guinea pigs




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