1) In the Russian language, which color is also used to describe something as beautiful? a) pink b) red c) blue d) white e) green f) yellow 2) What is celebrated on 12 April in Russia? a) Easter b) Russian Day c) Cosmonautics Day d) Spring and Labour day e) International Women's Day f) Tatiana Day 3) What is golubtsy? a) A type of house b) A Russian drink c) A traditional Russian song d) A traditional Russian dance e) A famous Russian playwright f) A traditional Russian dish 4) If you are invited to a Russian colleague’s home, which of the following should you not take with you? a) An even number of flowers b) Money c) A cake d) An odd number of flowers e) A box of chocolates f) A bottle of wine 5) Russia is the largest country in the world, covering over ____  square km a) 27 133 800 b) 17 125 191 c) 9 032 300 d) 9 834 000 e) 242 495 f) 3 287 000 6) Eurasia's highest active volcano, situated in Russia is _______ a) Kluchevskaya Sopka b) Etna c) Vesuvius d) Goriaschaia Sopka e) Balagan-Tas f) Ushishur 7) Russia borders 16 countries. Which country is not a Russian neighbour? a) Japan b) Norway c) Poland d) The USA e) Sweden f) Ukraine 8) The population of Russia is a) 130 million b) 260 million c) 147 million d) 1 billion e) 16 million f) 800 million 9) Russian cabbage soup is called a) Borscht b) Rassolnik c) Shchi d) Kharcho e) Solyanka f) Ukha 10) Alexander Pushkin, a famous Russian poet a) died of tuberculosis b) died when he was very old c) was executed d) is still alive e) died during the war f) was killed in a duel 11) What was the capital of Russia in the 19th century? a) St.Petersburg b) Chelyabinsk c) Kiev d) Moscow e) Kaliningrad f) Leningrad 12) What is The Hermitage? a) A palace b) A shop c) A museum d) A gallery e) A piece of art f) theatre 13) How many time zones does Russia have? a) 11 b) 9 c) 1 d) 16 e) 6 f) 12 14) Who is the artist of this picture? a) Ivan Aivasovsky b) Dionisy c) Pavel Fedotov d) Alexander Ivanov e) Ilya Repin f) Ivan Shishkin 15) Where is "The Motherland calls" monument situated? a) Moscow b) Volgograd c) Novosibirsk d) St. Petersburg e) Kazan f) Ufa 16) In what year and city Russia was the host of Olympic Games a) Krasnodar, 2012 b) St. Petersburg, 2006 c) Sochi, 2014 d) Moscow, 2004 e) Moscow, 2000 f) Vladivostok, 2000 17) Choose Russian national costume a) b) c) d) 18) What is the second most prominent religion in Russia after the Russian Orthodox Church? a) Islam  b) Tengrism c) Catholicism d) Buddism 19) Russian superstition states that owls bring bad luck a) True b) False 20) Whistling at home is considered bad luck in Russia a) True b) False 21) Itching hands mean financial repercussions in Russia a) True b) False 22) Which dance style is the most important cultural symbol of Russia? a) Karelian Dance b) Chechotka c) Tarantella d) Classical Ballet e) Hora 23) What is the most popular Russian souvenir called? a) Matryonka b) Matryoshka c) Matriona d) Matryolka e) Kukla 24) Which monument is NOT in Moscow? a) St.Basil's cathedral b) St.Isaac's cathedral c) Novodevichy monastery d) Cathedral of Christ the Savior e) State Historical Museum 25) What is pelmeni? a) Russian soup b) Russian cheese c) Russian ravioli d) Russian salad 26) 23rd February celebration is dedicated to  a) Russian constitution b) women c) victory in WW2 d) people, who defend the Fatherland 27) Which of the following is Russian travel show? a) Orel and reshka b) Kto khochet stat' millionerom c) Pole chudes d) Davay Pozhenimsya 28) Khabib Nurmagomedov is  a) athlete b) fighter c) figure skater d) football player e) hockey player 29) What is the name of this figure skater? ( She became famous after Olympic Games in Sochi) a) Alina Zagitova b) Anna Shcherbakova c) Yulia Lipnitskaya d) Alexandra Trusova e) Sofya Samodurova 30) What’s the name of Russian Santa Claus? a) Dedushka Sneg b) Dedushka Moroz c) Dedushka Metel d) Dedushka Ogon’ 31) The Russian Alphabet is written in this type? a) Hieroglyphics b) Phonics c) Cyrillic 32) Who was the first man who flew to space? a) Yuri Gagarin b) Yuri Baturin c) Yuri Glazkov d) Andrey Gagarin 33) Who was the last emperor of Russia? a) Stalin b) Nickolas the second c) Peter the Great d) Catherine the Great 34) The book “War and Peace” is about … a) Russian Revolution 1917 b) World War II c) World War I d) War with Napoleon




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