1) The children ... in the park yesterday. a) didn't played b) don't play c) didn't play 2) My mother ... soup yesterday.  a) didn't cooked b) didn't cook c) did cook 3) She ... to music last week. a) didn't listen b) listened c) didn't listened 4) I ... my grandmother yesterday. a) didn't phone b) didn't phoned c) did phoned 5) Jim ... football 2 days ago. a) didn't played b) didn't play c) did playd 6) Ann ... bananas. a) did liked b) didn't liked c) didn't like 7) I ..... to buy some ice cream. a) didn't wanted b) did wanted c) didn't want 8) She ..... French at school. a) didn't study b) didn't studyed c) did study 9) Paula ...... school in 1992 a) didn't finished b) didn't finish c) did finished 10) She ...... dancing. a) didn't love b) loved c) didn't 11) They ... the fence. a) didn't painted b) did painted c) didn't paint

Past Simple (regular verbs) negative




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