1) ____ you read and write when you were six years old?. a) Could b) Couldn't c) Can d) Can't 2) Ed ____ ski very well, but he ____ snowboard at all. a) can/can't b) can't can c) could / couldn't d) couldn't /could 3) ____ you turn down the music, please? I am learning and I can't concentrate. a) Could b) Can c) Couldn't d) Can't 4) My baby brother ____ walk now but he ____ sit without anybody's help. a) can / could b) can / couldn't c) can / can d) can / can't 5) ___ you help me with the washing up? Sorry, I ____. I am very busy at the moment. a) Could / can b) Could / can't c) Can / couldn't d) Couldn't / could 6) __ you help me clean up the kitchen? Sure, I ___. You did all the cooking after all. a) Could / can't  b) Must / can c) Could /could 7) You ___ feed the alligators. It's dangerous. a) should b) shouldn't c) must d) mustn't 8) You do not look well. I think you __ go home and tell your parents. a) shouldn't b) should c) may d) may not 9) Your dog is crazy! The law says you ___ keep him on the leash. a) should b) must c) may 10) You can go out with your friends but first, you ___ help your dad clean up the garage. a) may b) must c) shouldn't

Modal Verbs 1 - E8


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