1) I ______ an exciting adventure book last weekend. a) reads b) readed c) read d) reading 2) Meg ________ her friend yesterday afternoon. a) visites b) visit c) visiting d) visited 3) Molly ________volleyball on Sunday. a) played b) playd c) plaied d) playied 4) ______they play football yesterday? a) Does b) Were c) Did d) Was 5) _____ he wash his car 3 days ago? a) do b) did c) was d) does 6) Tom and Jerry ________to music 2 weeks ago. a) listens b) listened c) listen d) listening 7) Did you _________your grandparents last Saturday? a) visit b) visited c) visits 8) We _________ to school in February. a) goed b) went c) god d) going 9) _______ you like the party last Friday? a) Does b) Do c) Was d) Did 10) _____ you ______ chicken yesterday? a) did you cooked b) did you cooks c) did you cook d) do you cook 11) Diana _______Tom with his homework yesterday. a) helps b) help c) helping d) helped 12) _____ Martin _________________ to music last week? a) did Martin listened b) did Martin listens c) did Martin listen d) was Martin listened 13) Guna _________________ basketball on Sunday. a) didn't play b) didn't played c) weren't play d) didn't playing 14) A girl ... lives here is Masha's sister. a) whose b) that c) which 15) That's the clinic ... my dad works. a) when b) why c) where d) who 16) Vanya is very sociable. That's ... I like him. a) when b) where c) why 17) We _________________ an interesting film. a) watch b) watched c) watches d) were watch 18) My dad _____________ some milk at the supermarket yesterday. a) buyed b) buied c) bought d) baut 19) Our mum ____________ a cake for grandpa’s birthday. a) make b) made c) maked d) makes 20) Pushkin __________ many poems. a) writes b) writed c) wrote d) writeed 21) We ______________ a new cinema in our district. a) discover b) discovers c) discovered d) discovering 22) A vet is someone ... treats sick animals. a) which b) whose c) who 23) I met a girl ... mum is a famous actress a) who b) whose c) that d) when

Past vs Present Simple+ RELATIVE PRONOUNS (7th grade)




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