1) I’m meeting my friend this evening, but I feel really tired. What should I do? 2) It’s my boyfriend/girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow. What should I buy him/her? 3) I’m going to my friend’s wedding on Saturday. What should I wear? 4) My friends and I are going to the cinema this evening. Which film should we watch? 5) It’s my parents’ anniversary and I want to cook dinner for them. What should I make? 6) I’m not good at maths and always get terrible scores in exams. What should I do? 7) I want to become a vegetarian, but my parents say it isn’t healthy. What should I do? 8) I’m bored with my clothes, but I don’t have any money to buy new ones. What should I do? 9) I can’t sleep at night. What should I do? 10) My mum is angry with me because my room is always untidy. What should I do? 11) It’s really noisy in my house and I can’t study there. What should I do? 12) I want to watch a DVD but my brother is watching the football. What should I do? 13) I’m going to a fancy dress party at the weekend. What costume should I wear? 14) I’ve got backache. What should I do?


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