1) Steve usually ____ his homework in the evening. a) do b) does c) did d) will do 2) I ____ my friends in the park last weekend. a) see b) seed c) saw d) will see 3) We ____ a new car last year. a) buy b) buyed c) bought d) will buy 4) Did she _____ in the morning yesterday? a) run b) ran c) runs d) runned 5) Does she _____ a shower every day? a) has b) have c) had d) haves 6) I didn't ______ a book yesterday. a) read b) red c) write d) reads 7) I didn't _____ Cola last month. a) drank b) drinked c) drink d) will drink 8) He ____ many biscuits two days ago. a) eat b) eated c) will eat d) ate 9) They ____ on the bed last Sunday. a) jump b) jumped c) did jump d) will jump 10) We ____ home at three o'clock tomorrow. a) come b) came c) will come d) shall come 11) Shall we _____ milkshake tomorrow? a) make b) made c) makes d) will make 12) She _____ a school uniform every day. a) not wears b) don't wears c) doesn't wear d) didn't wear 13) I _____ about it tomorrow. a) think b) thought c) will think d) shall think 14) It ____ sunny next Monday. a) is b) was c) shall be d) will be 15) It _____ rainy last weekend. a) is b) was c) shall be d) will be 16) Giraffes usually ____ in the mountains. a) don't live b) doesn't live c) not live d) didn't live 17) I think she _____ much about birds. a) know b) knows c) knew d) shall know 18) She _____ birds something to eat every winter. a) give b) gives c) gave d) will give 19) She often ____ in the forest. a) walk b) walks c) walked d) will walk 20) ____ he often _____ with his dog? a) Do ... walks b) Does ... walk c) Does.... walks d) Will ... walk 21) _____ he _____ in the mountains last winter? a) Do ... ski b) Do ... skied c) Did ... ski d) Did ... skied 22) She _____ her dinner yesterday. a) not liked b) didn't like c) didn't liked d) won't like




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