1) The eggs are a) Whisked b) Chopped c) Toasted d) Grated 2) The tomatoes are a) Grilled b) Stirred c) Grated d) Sliced 3) The dough is a) Spread b) Boiled c) Whisked d) Kneaded 4) The tea is .... a) Stirred b) Steamed c) Roasted d) Whisked 5) The ingredients are ...........together a) Mixed b) Stirred c) Chopped d) Fried 6) The vegetables are a) Drained b) Steamed c) Boiled d) Roasted 7) The butter is a) Spread b) Sliced c) Grilled d) Fried 8) The pancakes are a) Kneaded b) Fried c) Stirred d) Squeezed 9) The chicken is a) Baked b) Mixed c) Grilled d) Roasted 10) The water is a) Spread b) Chopped c) Seived d) Boiled 11) The chicken filets are a) Grilled b) Spread c) Kneaded d) Rolled 12) The bread is a) Toasted b) Baked c) Stirred d) Sprinkled 13) The lemon is a) Squeezed b) Spread c) Roasted d) Sliced 14) The sugar is a) Sprinkled b) Drained c) Toasted d) Grated 15) The pastry is ...........out a) Squeezed b) Kneaded c) Rolled d) Toasted 16) The onion is a) Grilled b) Squeezed c) Kneaded d) Chopped 17) The cheese is a) Grated b) Stirred c) Sprinkled d) Chopped 18) The cake is a) Grilled b) Chopped c) Roasted d) Baked 19) The flour is a) Baked b) Drained c) Grilled d) Seived 20) The pasta is a) Boiled b) Drained c) Fried d) Seived




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