to pull the wool over sb's eyes - deceive, to be over the moon - be very happy, the ball is in sb's court - sb needs to decide and take some actions, to live from hand to mouth - have just enough money to live on and nothing extra, to burn the candle at both ends - work hard and not get enough sleep, a tough cookie - someone able to deal with difficult situations, to kill two birds with one stone - do two things at the same time, to be in hot water - be in a difficult situation, to be at the end of sb's rope - have no more patience, to push sb's buttons - annoy, to go bananas - become crazy, the straw that broke camel's back - the last in a series of bad things, to save sb's breath - it's useless to talk to sb, to stand up for - defend, to give sb the sack - fire sb, to butter sb up - flatter, it's not my cup of tea - I'm not interested , to make a long story short - summarize, to take the leap - take one's chances, to seize the day - make the most of the present,




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