1) Where was the city of Pompeii? a) Egypt b) Roman empire c) Scandinavia d) Peru 2) Where did Vikings come from? a) Egypt b) Roman Empire c) Scandinavia d) Peru 3) Where is Machu Picchu? a) Egypt b) Roman Empire c) Scandinavia d) Peru 4) What are tepees? a) a house made of wood b) a huge pyramid c) a house made of buffalo skin d) a temple 5) Who is a wizard? a) a king b) a magician c) a knight d) a ghost 6) What is a hieroglyph? a) a king of Egypt b) a school in Egypt c) a board game in Egypt d) a writing in Egypt 7) Who designed ships? a) Vikings b) Mississippians c) Romans d) Incas 8) Who were astronomers? a) Romans b) Incas c) Vikings d) Mississippians 9) What city has a name which means "wild geese"? a) Pompeii b) Machu Picchu c) Cahokia d) Athens 10) In which tribe could a lot of families live in one house? a) The Cheyenne b) The Kwakiutl c) The Navajo d) The Chinook

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